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The Alternate Road


By Dr. Dick Wieder

     It never ceases to amaze me what has been done with the numerical system developed by the Arabic people so many centuries ago. Out of that system has come algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Calculus, one of the great mathematical advances of all time was the brain child of Sir Isaac Newton. Yet all of these systems and reference frames are based on only ten figures (and a few letters). But the greatest of all mathematical systems has come about almost solely within the Twentieth Century. It is called quantum mechanics. Some writers refer to quantum mechanics as an invention of mankind. In my mind this is incorrect. The system was here all along. And that which it reveals has been here since creation. Mankind has merely discovered it. And there may be a definite reason as to why man discovered it.

     Science has, for some time now, known that the history of the earth is written into every rock. In fact the ages of the earth can be deduced from reading the code found in the common rocks and pebbles found everywhere. Science can describe the changes in the earth's magnetic pole by reading the alignment of certain atoms in rocks.

     Science can also relate species to each other by the similarities in the genetic makeup of the individual species. Man's closest relatives are the great apes--known by the remarkable similarities in the DNA structure. Man is mush more distant from the insects as evidenced by the scarcity of similarities in the DNA configuration.

     Quantum physics has revealed that within the atom itself, deep into the recesses of its nucleus and extending outward into the surrounding field of negative charge, there is written the story of creation itself. The answer is there. The awesome power and play of creation itself is imprinted into the most minute of nature's parts. And this imprinting is found in every atom of every molecule of every structure in the universe. And there it has been and will be passed on forever as long as matter exists. But hidden there too is the ultimate fate of it all. Unseen. And presently unknown. But it is there. Awaiting man's discovery. For man after all has invented nothing. Not even quantum physics. For the entire panorama of all that is or ever will be is imprinted into even the atoms of man's genes.

     And so those ancients who are ridiculed and scoffed really did know--as man now knows for certain in this age--that the ultimate truth of time and space is written within himself. Imprinted there and passed down through nearly twenty billion years of cosmic evolution until that infinite probability set upon the stage an event of creation that set about to find the answer. And if the story of creation is there imprinted in every atom, then so too must be imprinted there a trace of the First Cause. That ultimate quantum man that is God.

     Science has led me down an alternate road. It began early in my teens with a Gilbert chemistry set, a cheap microscope, and a curiosity without limit. The road that science follows is a narrow path with many dead ends and a few two-way streets. It crosses great rifts and treacherous valleys. It leads over sharp precipices that cause stumbling and pain. And travelers on this lonely road are forever surrounded by an all pervading darkness. And the only lamp to lead the way is an obsession to know more. As I traveled that path (admittedly and largely as a spectator of today's scientific frontiers), I am in company with the greatest minds that Nature has yet beget: the minds of theoretical physicists. And by their writing I become a companion on their search. Before mankind now is the final common pathway--the final answer not: to the "why" but to the "how" of creation itself. Hopefully in my lifetime will come a definition of quantum gravity. It will tie it all together. It may well be the last frontier of physics. In my reverie I picture that moment when a trembling hand unlocks the doorway to the final and perfect unity of Nature. I see the door grudgingly beginning to swing on its hinges. The dust of twenty billion years crumbles away. Slowly at first and then with a rush, it swings fully open and I gaze upon Beginning. Strange what my mind conjures up in its imagery as I step across the threshold into the void of that Beginning for there is a brilliance there whose beauty is beyond description. And around that brilliance are a few faces content to remain in the warmth of that ultimate light. As I stumble into the enclave, their faces turn to smile a welcome to me. They are called the Faithful. They believed without question. They had accepted on Faith alone, But I....I had taken an alternate road.

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