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Dreams, Beginnings, and Ends

By Dr. Dick Wieder

Certain thoughts first came to me in my mid-forties. Thoughts that I believed would never come to me. They are thoughts of being glad that I will not live forever. There is an old silent movie titled metropolis. It concerns a view of the future world. The special effects are quite stunning for a movie made so long ago. Written and filmed at a time in which many common things today were only dreams. Of the skyways and the skyscrapers. And scores of small aircraft buzzing about. Traffic moving along monotonously on narrow roadways above the waves of smaller buildings. All in black and white. Strange how sterile it all appeared. No warmth. No feeling. Slabs of concrete cold and gray.

As I look about at the world around me I see that these things have come to be. We live in a cold sterile world dotted with great gothams of highways, skyways and skyscrapers. Totally cut off from the greenery of life, people go about daily and see nothing of the natural world except sunlight. And so many aircraft in the sky that collisions and near misses are commonplace! I know not what view others may take, but I believe we have made a fairly tragic mess of our world.

And now dreamers of today - our day - dream of life in the next century. It, too, is a glistening picture of shiny cold gray surfaces. Little emotion (save depression) and none of creation. I shudder at the thought of living then. Thank God! I won't live so long.

And so I come to terms with my three score and ten. The time allotted me was - as all times are - filled with beginnings. Some were great beginnings. And beginnings can be equated with or extrapolated from dreams. For in all that is around us now was first a dream. All that we have built, all that we have found, all that we have done, all that we have learned, began with a dream. A dream for something better. Yet dreams are most often better - far better - than their counterparts that come to fruition as reality. Reality will always fall short of our dreams. Is it any wonder, then, that the brotherhood of man is still a dream: scoffed by many and dismissed by most.

The innermost secrets of the universe and time itself are now seriously being investigated. And these questions are begrudgingly revealing themselves to us. So today the dreams of long ago of learned men are the beginning of knowing the ultimate beginning. The one precious thing for which our species will be remembered - if remembering survives - is that we solved the ultimate riddle. We sought, and we will have found. We knocked and it will be revealed to us. And in so searching and in so finding what is the reality around us: the ends so to speak? Wars, hatred, pollution, bigotry, and probably extinction.

Thus if a creator of that ultimate beginning does exist in some form; and if that creator may some day judge us all, then pray that he will judge us - not on our quirks and shortcomings...but on our dreams.

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