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Is Perfection Flawed?

By Dr. Dick Wieder

All of us are familiar with the term scientific laws. These are alleged truths arrived through speculation testing and verification. When something is found that appears to hold true whenever it is tested (regarding the physical universe) and can be verified by others in every test situation; and which appears to hold true throughout the universe, it is then believed to be a scientific law. Examples are Boyles' Law, the Inverse Law, the Laws of Motion, etc. etc. These are accepted as fact. Based on these laws we can infer other facts and come to a better understanding of just how this universe was formed, functions and eventually will die!

These scientific, or better yet, physical laws seem to govern how the universe goes about its business. However, physical laws do breakdown beyond Planck Time --- roughly 10 to the minus 43 seconds after the creation event. So, physical laws are not perfect. They breakdown under infinite pressure and density.

Beyond Planck Time physics appears to become metaphysics! In other words the situation becomes abstract, super natural or transcendental. The question I pose is this: are there metaphysical laws that can be understood that govern this area? This whole area of metaphysics has come to mean many things; but is a branch of philosophy that seeks to explain the origin of the universe. It is speculative non-concrete. Spiritual if you will.

Now how in heavens name can you decipher any laws regarding non-concrete, speculative, or spiritual matters? One simple law may be this, for example: love builds; hate destroys. The devastation suffered by the world from 1933 to 1945 is a testament as to how destructive the hate housed in Hitler can nearly bring civilization to an end. The love of his fellow man and the concern showed by George C. Marshall in the rebuilding of Europe after 1945, testifies as to what love can do. I think that the idea of love builds, hate destroys is a metaphysical law.

Physics searches for a Unified Field Theory to explain everything in the physical universe. This if and when worked out would be the ultimate physical law. Can we know therefore the ultimate metaphysical law?

In the writings of C. S. Lewis I came across a statement that the created is never the equal to the creator. WOW! This is very profound, for it implies that what we build, construct & form can never equal us! Rockets, transistors, automobiles, great works of art, symphonies, and even the most sophisticated of computers can never equal the intricacy, complexity or beauty of the human inventor, painter, or composer. The mother of all computers can never equal even the lowliest human among us! I believe that C.S. Lewis in this simple statement that the created is never equal to the creator is a deeply profound metaphysical law that strikes to the deepest level of the process of the creation itself.

Theologians, scientists, philosophers, even atheists have all pondered the question: why evil? Why is life a struggle beset by stumbling blocks, pain, turmoil, hate right along side happiness, peace, love and contentment? What the Grand Unified Theory will be to physics: It is the Ultimate Metaphysical Law. And so I believe we have found the ultimate metaphysical law. If I am right, then, this statement that the created is never the equal to its creator tells us something very profound about the Creator! Something we might not have realized. Remember the play on words:

1) Do you believe God can build anything?

2) Do you believe God can destroy anything?

3) Then, can God build something God can't destroy?

This is simply faulty semantics and faulty logic. But C. S. Lewis' statement does raise an interesting point. Going back to that perennial stumbling block of all great thinkers: why evil? How can we be all good, all loving, perfect omnipotent God allow such a heinous flaw in creation? The answer is this: God's creation cannot be the equal of God. If God is perfect, God's creation cannot be. That "slight" imperfection in creation, we humans have come to call evil. And from it, all the trials and tribulations of life (and even death itself) have sprung.

Thus from this Ultimate Metaphysical Law we have learned something about our Creator. There is something God cannot do! God cannot create a perfect universe. I don't think God chose to create evil, it is merely inherent in the creative process of a universe. So what is the lesson in all of this for humanity? We can't just sit around and wring our hands and bury the evil in our world because evil isn't in the world! The flaw of creation exists no where in creation except inside the human brain. We must learn to spot that flaw whenever it rears its head, try our best to understand it, correct it where we can...and then, move on.

John R. Wieder, MD


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