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From A Dream

By Dr. Dick Wieder

2:35 a.m. 7 May 1989

     For the last two score and seven years I have scoured this vast expanse hoping to find some semblance of sense out of the nonsense that is the expanse. Trying to find something that mattered only to find that nothing mattered. And that apparently only once. Yet in the end and for the best, all I know is that I may never know the sense that matters most. For in this expanse where I love to learn (and I have learned so little after all) I am still moved by such a sense of wonderment and awe.

     So silently and so swiftly it all moves out to reaches beyond my dreams. So powerful and so delicate this vast expanse doth seem: and I appear to be swept along with it as a leaf in a flowing stream.

     Yet deep down in my inner core is the feeling of a certain rhyme and reason. And that in the end it's not the expanse but it's Creator I should adore.

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