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A Gift To The Kids

By Dr. Dick Weider

If we can give our kids something that can sustain them in the increasingly technological world that is evolving--other than a high standard of compassion for our kind and the creation--then it must be--a skill. For in the coming years a skill regarding the high tech machines and the culture it is spawning is essential. Of all the actual skills that our high schools can give, typing I think is the most vital. Of course language, mathematics, and the sciences are vital areas in which our kids need a fundamental understanding, but typing is the best skill they can learn. That particular skill is the entrance to the computer age. With it one operates machines from cash registers, typewriters, computers, and calculators to even the great telescopes of astronomical observatories.

I never learned to type. I chose other electives. I regret it to this day. However, I was still fortunate that when I came along the average person didn't own a computer. I was able to obtain an M.D. That has enabled me to earn a comfortable living. Believe me, it's still hand to mouth! And very tight times and IRS problems but it is a great profession and I love it. Yet, I know my living standards are born by my patients' purse. I owe them a great deal! Therefore, I owe them not only my skill but my ear. You learn a great deal by listening.

But the younger ones coming into my profession are bringing their computers with them. And that infernal typing skill! They are to be envied for that skill! It has brought a whole new approach to disease treatment and prevention, to communications between medical centers and to learning itself.

Every kid should learn to type. It is a skill that branches now into every field.

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