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The Only Myth

By Dr. Dick Wieder

There is a grandeur in our heats and skulls that transcends the day-to-day. Something deep within us speaks to us of...something greater...a nobleness that we may be better than we are. Something of not what we are in reality, but of what we ought to be. And this mysterious grandeur, this nobleness, this "ought to be" permeates the universe from quacks to quasars as a beauty and simplicity. We see our world as something apart from this grandeur only because we separated ourselves from it when we took names. When we individualized our species. Self-awareness broke the symmetry of unity in nature for us as humans. Whether or not self-awareness was a wise step remains to be seen. But the early reports and returns are not encouraging.

By the breaking of this symmetry the duality of nature became apparent to us. The duality is there from the point particles' position and momentum to our world of up-down, in-out, love-hate, me-you, life-death. All things in reality reduce to one thing or another but never both at the same time. Until we came along the cosmos was one. One unit functioning as one unit. When we came along and gave each of us names as a result of self-awareness, the entire cosmos changed to us and it! This change has had at times disastrous consequences because we felt dominant over the cosmos - or at least our world in particular. We viewed the world as our servant or slave. We took from it not merely what we needed to survive, we took whatever sparked our fancy. Dominion became destruction.

Those feelings of grandeur within us are the remnants of the time we were one with nature. Some not so unconscious biological memory trace of time in our past when we lived with nature not on it! Our religions are an attempt to re-attune ourselves with that oneness. Perhaps the near death experiences, the religious conversions, the mystical experiences we have are merely some one's success in felling that oneness again. For anyone having these "experiences" will attest to the difficulty in describing the "state". And that is because the experience is just that - not a place or a condition - but an all pervading loss of individual identity as one merges with the unity that all there is, is one. there can be no better description of it. It must be felt.

The experience is always of a positive sense. A feeling of wholeness. Of goodness! It is both refreshing and energizing. We have invented a word that describes this experience and that word is spiritual. We tend to think of it as somewhere far off. Another reality. Another "world." Yet it is the underlying foundation of the real or physical world. It is not "out there" for it is within us. and within all of nature's parts. It unifies nature into one. We only "see" it as "out there" for we have separated ourselves from it through self-awareness. It is from this oneness that the primordial particle arose. And, thus, a universe.

If that universe possesses a basic duality can we who are a part of the duality ever find the ultimate cause of the cosmos from this side of that beginning? For that beginning must be the mergant one of the duality. No duality can exist in the ultimate beginning. For that beginning wax perfect symmetry. And duality could not exist as such. That beginning must be one and only one without position and momentum but must be a sort of posimentum or momenition. Which one we can't be sure for we are part of the duality. We can never know the actual cause of the beginning. Our mathematics are a contract occurring within a reality of duality; and, therefore, our mathematical laws break down as matter and spacetime twist into a bizarre pattern that is beyond the math. We can only see hints of the loss of duality into oneness. Modern physics is approaching that end - the beginning - but modern physics may always see that beginning as of one kind or another. We are products of a duality and therefore are subservient to it. We cannot escape it. We must satisfy ourselves then with only hints of the quality or the characteristics of that beginning.

Our experiences of what we may refer to as "spiritual" may well be a re-touching between our "self" and the unifying what-ever it-is that makes one from the all. It is a touching of that perfection that once was lost and now is sought. It is the Garden of Eden myth, the expulsion and the sought after redemption. It is the crucifixion myth of life, death and rebirth. It is the only myth.

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