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One and the Same

By Dr. Dick Wieder

One can think of opposites as merely being the two end points of the same line. A good example is a magnet: one end is positive and one end is negative. It is very convenient in the macroscopic world to view things in such a way. It is tidy. And seems to be true and logical: Good-Evil, Life-Death, Hot-Cold. All opposites connected by a line of continuous change join the pole of one quality to the pole of its opposite.

Quantum theory requires thinking of opposites in an entirely different way. Consider the universe: if all opposites are merely the end points of the same lines, then creation arising out of perfect order and simplicity must then be considered to be racing toward the opposite far point of total chaos. But, the perfect order of the pre-creation is one and the same as the chaos that awaits the universe at the far end. And space-time represents the line journey itself. And if the two end points are the same they form a circle. Circles have no beginning and no end. Every point is equal to every other point. Quantum theory is not the result of a scam fostered by learned men out of frustration. The picture of reality forced upon us is that the very essence of matter is not concrete, physical, or tangible. Matter at that level takes on the appearance of a haze of uncertainty. This new physics is truly hampered by a language that cannot convey the real essence of the subatomic world. And mathematical symbols can only come close. For they turn out to be mere approximations of the fact itself.

There is still a great deal of discussion and controversy among quantum theorists, but the system itself seems confirmed by every experiment thus performed. The subatomic world is a far cry from the order we "see" around us. In fact its very opposite! Remember opposites can be the same. Thus order and chaos cannot be separated. Our eyes are merely attuned to that "side" or aspect that is seen as order. It was perhaps a selection arising out of a natural selection when life arose. If life is to be mobile, it must "see" the aspect of order, for if all it saw was the true chaos surrounding the order--life could not survive.

In quantum theory all objects at the core are the same. The only differences are in spin, charge, color, and flavor. And these are all the same in their makeup. Quanta that in the end will all prove to be one in the same. "One" is truly an infinite number.

Thus we should take a lesson from all of this. We are all one in the same: one species, one heart, one gene. One chance at life. Perhaps if we all could think like the quantum physicist, we could solve a lot of our human failings.

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