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Our Age

By Dr. Dick Wieder

      Most people have been forced and indoctrinated by Western social constraints into a new way of viewing ourselves. We are rapidly become a society----world wide!---that tends now to be, constantly looking down to read and review what we have been doing rather than looking forward to see where we are going. And thus modern man has dawned a new age, not the Age of Reason that we would like to think but, we have dawned the Age of Documentation.

     Every action, every word, every decision and every other aspect of modern life must be coded, labeled, graphed and thus documented on paper. (And always in triplicate!) Turned into the written word to be perused by others who then judge our progress based on what they read in the documents. Certain key phrases, certain key words come into fashion and are looked for in those written documents. These key phrases and words then pass out of favor. New ones replace them as our whims and technology change. All of our lives wrapped up in documentation and kept in computers so it can later be documented whether we are doing well or doing poorly.

     Thus paperwork becomes the chief activity of nature's only known being with abstract thought, intellect, will, and laughter. Or perhaps these qualities of our species are illusionary after all! I do not know from whence has come that most ridiculous assumption that because it is written, it must be so. Perhaps we inflate too highly the grand ability of ours to develop a written language. We are so enamored with words that anything written is considered gospel!!

     In every profession, in every position of skilled labor, and even into areas of unskilled labor documentation has become the watchword. The salvation. The truth. We have become a defensive species---not an offensive one(pardon the pun!). It is a sign of stagnation. A sign of lost ambition. The corner is turned. No longer do we as a species look ahead. Now we look down. And soon we will be looking back!

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