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Veteran's Day 1987

By Dr. Dick Wieder

     Remember that old saying that it is an ill wind that blows no one any good? Well the meaning of that came home to me today. It was a fairly cool day for this area and for this time of year. Thirty-ish One of those coffee-kinda-days in mid-November, I was driving across town when I was suddenly caught in one of those horrendous traffic jams that are a rarity for Spartanburg. The traffic light, about 10-12 cars ahead of me was green. Then red. Then green again. And nothing was moving! As I stood hanging on my open front door of the car my mind boiled in frustration. For I had "promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep." What an ill wind was blowing.

     Peering ahead to the distant intersection wondering what in the devil was holding up traffic I saw a color guard go by. Then a band! My God. a parade! At four-thirty in the afternoon. What a horrid time to schedule a parade. What an inconvenience. Following the band came dignitaries. Then soldiers and sailors and marines. Then an army tank. Guilt swept over me in a rush. It was then that I realized that this was Veteran's Day. And Spartanburg was honoring her sons and daughters who had served the cause of liberty. It was after all the perfect time for such a parade,

     I was angered by the mere inconvenience of a twenty-minute parade intruding into my life. And all those men and women who had served the cause of liberty had had their lives interrupted by the worst inconvenience of all: a war. For into no one's life does war come as a convenience. It made me fully appreciate the fact those who had served the cause of liberty---and many did so with their lives---had been inconvenienced by man's worst inconvenience that I might live in freedom, that I might sit here in traffic....and grumble.

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