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ESD Lab and Consulting Services

Fowler Associates in  and from its labs at Moore, South Carolina or in its associated labs of K&S Labs in Stoughton, Massachuettes, performs most tests and design functions required for the ESD control and electronics industries.



We perform:

  • Surface Resistivity (Resistance)

  • Volume Resistivity (Resistance)

  • Static Decay

  • Static Shielding

  • Triboelectric Generation

  • rf Shielding

  • Dielectric Strength

  • Dielectric Constant & Dielectric Tangent

  • High Voltage Testing

  • Corrosion

  • Polycarbonate Compatibility

  • Moisture Barrier

  • Specialized Application Specific Electrostatic Testing

  • Integrated Circuit Sensitivty Testing for Packaging

  • ESD Package Design

  • ESD Flooring Design

  • ESD Garment Design

  • ESD Worksurface Design

  • ESD Shoe Design

  • ESD Glove Design

  • ESD Control Equipment Design

Resume's of ESD Experts

Steve Fowler - ESD, Radiation Processing, Radiation Safety,  Packaging

Bill Klein - ESD, Textiles, Electrical

Steve Wyman - ESD Programs

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