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Radiation Safety Officer

Certification Course

September 18-22, 2023

  •   Candidates for certification as RSO's must successfully complete all five (5) day modules as well as the final exam.

  •   The supplied course text book is Basic Radiation Protection Technology by Daniel Gollnick, Ph.D. plus Fowler Associates booklets and hand outs.

  •   The course includes hands-on laboratory exercises.

  •   The break out sessions will challenge you to become involved in the actual work of radiation protection.

  •   The dress is casual all week.

  •   The certification exam is long and difficult. Please do not cut your time too close on any return reservations. We plan a discussion session after all have completed the exam for those who wish to participate.

Fowler Associates is registered with four states: New Jersey, North Carolina (registration no. S000317), South Carolina (registration no. 00-0216) and Oregon (registration no. 9550411) by the respective Radiological Control Authorities to provide radiation consultation and training.



Welcome & Introductions

Course Outline

 Radiation Safety Presentation

Radiation Safety Presentation

"What is It?" Video

Break-out Session - Cost/Benefits of Uses of Radiation


Basic Math .. S.I. Units.

 "Where Is It?" Video

Sources of Radiation

 "Introduction to Radiation " Video

Units of Dose




Types of Radiation

 Interaction with Matter

 Radiation Detection Instrument


Personnel Monitoring Systems

"Labtoratory Techniques" Video

Bological Effects of Radiation

"Does it Affect Us?" Video

Biological Effects in Accidents

 "Is It Safe?" Video




Radon - in the home and in the Workplace + Video

Radiation and the Internet

Coffee Break & Open Discussions

 Radiation Protection Rules

Accident Discussions and Videos


Awareness & Crisis Management

Situation Review and Discussions

Coffee Break & Open Discussions

Role Playing and Situation Management




Handling of Radioactive Sources & Gauges

Source Wipes / Contamination

Break-out Session - Source Wipes/de-Contamination



Breakout Sessions/Shielding


Breakout Sessions - Surveys

"Where Do We Go From Here?" Video



Personnel Issues

Transportation of Radioactive Materials

Radiation Safety Administration & Manual

Questions-Answers-Group Discussions - Course Review


Certification Exam

Since the Exam is open book, coffee breaks will be served during the exam period. All exams must be finished before 4:00 p.m

4:00    Adjourn

Note: Please do not schedule to leave exam room prior to 4 p.m. for return transportation



Multiple Choice Questions

50 questions worth 2 points each


Exam Grade System

Minimum Passing Score - 70% - Satisfactory

90% - cum laude

95% - Magna cum laude

100% - Summa cum laude

International Registry of Radiation Safety Officers

All RSO candidates who achieve at least a 80% score on the final exam may submit their resume' and application to the International Registry of Radiation Safety Officers. If minimum qualifications on experience and education are met the candidate will be listed in the registry and is entitled to use the SEAL and title: RSO

Price $1850
includes lunches, breaks and text book.

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