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Fee Schedule
as of January 1, 2023
The following are our standard services. Others are available upon request. We have the capability to perform most electrical type tests, expert witness services, training services and much much more.

Professional Services
all fees plus normal incurred expenses

Hourly  =  $325.00

Daily  =  $2750.00

Plus 1/2 rate for travel

Expert Witness Retainer Fee before work begins = $5,000
Deposition Fees Required before Appearance

On-Going Retainer Fee Schedule
Retainer contracts include all services minimum 6 months contract required.
All fees plus normal incurred expenses

Retainer per Month----Professional Services Per Month


  8 Hours


16 Hours


All time is accumulated on an hourly basis except for requested trips where the calculation is one (1) day = 8 hours. These fees are not portal to portal but "on site" rates except where travel time greatly exceeds time on site in which case travel time will be assessed on a proportional basis.

Hours shown in "professional services per month" are the maximum for that fee amount and do not carry over each month.

Testing Service Fee Schedule

For ALL Pricing on Testing Services
Please Call
or email


Auditing Services Fee Schedule


Walk Through

Price Per Facility

Full Audit

Price Per Facility

Small Facility



Medium Facility



Large Facility




  • All Audits are plus normal expenses.

  • Walk Through Audits include report and recommendations.

  • Full audits include a detailed report, executive summary, conclusions, and recommendations.

Training and Seminars


1 Day


2 Days


3 Days


1 Week


Multi-week Seminars $9,000 per week
  • All seminars are plus normal expenses.

  • All seminars are on site or chosen site.

  • Subjects available include ESD, Packaging, Radiation Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Technical Marketing.

  • Other subjects may be developed to client specification.

For More Information Please Call or Write

Tel. 864-574-6415
FAX. 864-576-4992
3551 Moore-Duncan Hwy.
Moore, SC 29369

please email us