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Fowler Associates Investigates a New Office Disease:


Lipoatrophia Semicircularis(LS))

Over 900 cases reported in Belgium

One Case Investigated in The USA and cured

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Lipoatrophia Semicircularis: a new office disease?

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Lipoatrophia Semicircularis: a new office disease?

Lipoatrophia is a rare but real medical condition that seem to follow highly automated offices. Where there are large amount of electrostatic and electromagnetic energies, this condition exists. Steve Fowler has investigated this disease and one case in particular.

The disease takes the form of "dents" in the fatty tissue of the legs of the office workers. It takes about 3 - 6 months to appear. If the worker leaves the environment, it takes a few months to dissappear. If the worker comes back, the problem can reoccur.

Some people thought this condition was caused by physical pressure of the desk on the legs. This is discounted by many studies in the Netherlands. LS only started appearing with highly automated offices, not with the use of desks.

The problem of anticipation of such a disease is that most limits set for magnetic, electromagnetic and electrostatics are set for thermal type damage to tissue. LS may not be from such high levels. It very well may be a disease where small electrical stimuli causes the body to absorb the fat tissue.


This is the first disease that seem sto be directly related to electrical noise in the workplace and which can be cured by affecting that noise. Pathology has shown it to be real and not imagined.

The position of the "dents" in the legs corresponds to the height of the desk. It is our opinion that this is due to a coupling of the electrical energies from or to the leg in a very specific area.


Fowler Associates modified an office environment for one victim of LS in the USA. After 6 months, the "dents" were totally gone. The modifications "quietened" the electrostatic and electromagnetic "noise" in the areas of the worker.