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In Person 8 Hour RSO Class
December 6, 2023 Fowler Associates

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Due to the lingering pandemic conditions worldwide, We now offer:

8 Hour RSO Classes for minor users of radiation.

1. 8 hour RSO Classes here in person in our facility in South Carolina.
2. Virtual live 8 hour RSO classes -
3. Self - Paced 8 hour RSO class using recorded sessions.
4. On site classes for companies

40 Hour RSO Classes for users who require a longer version

1. 40 hour RSO class here in person in our facility in South Carolina.
2. Self Paced 40 hour class using prerecorded modules, quizes and final exam.
Time to complete is one month.
3. On site classes for companies

Let us know if you have interest in any of these.


3551 Moore-Duncan Hwy.
Moore, SC 29369

Tel. 864.574.6415
FAX. 864.576-4992


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