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Dr. Dick Wieder
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"My Role in the Allied Victory in the Pacific 1941-1945"

"Office Visits"

"Is Perfection Flawed?"

"A Remembrance"

"The Alternate Road"


"For A Moment In The Smokies"

"From A Dream"

"Perchance To Dream"

"Song Of The Earth"

"For Little Sherman - A Life So Brief"

"November 1961"


"Thoughts On The Native American"

"Old Mother Nature"

"First Snow"

"The Chipmunk & I"

"Folly Beach South Carolina"

"Our Age"

"The Return"

"Roy Campanella"

"Veteran's Day 1987"

"A View of Death"

"A Memory That Will Be Lost On Others"

"Youthful Things"

"A Winter Memory"

"The Only Myth"

"A Reflection"


"A Lesson on Singularity"

"Dreams, Beginnings, and Ends"


"A Consideration"

"A Matter of Choice"


"One and the Same"

"On Seeing A Child At The Beach"


"A Gift To The Kids"


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